Shiatsu at the crossroads of the external and internal

Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese art of massage in meditation, its roots in the millennia-old traditional Chinese medicine and Taoism, with the focus on balancing and harmonizing the flows and communications of the body, physically and energetically, through a mutual deepening of Mind between practitioner and receiver.

The body has an inherent intelligence that we can become aware of and align ourselves with for guidance in health and well-being. Through listening deeper we can feel the needs of the body, and also where its flows and channels of communication might be blocked or distorted, which negatively affects our equilibrium and our ability to function smoothly and without friction in our interactions with the world around us. These blockages and distortions create the imbalance we can experience as lack of health on different levels of our being, physically as well as emotionally. With a balanced flow and communication through the body we are also in balance both within and with the surrounding world, and we won't lack surplus energy for deeper evolution even after we have paid our earthly dues.

About Helge Lindberg, Taiji-teacher and certified Shiatsu-practitioner

I felt the call of Taiji from an early age, and at seventeen I was given my first taste during a summer of language studies in Beijing. A few years later the seed matured and an inner longing awakened, and for the past two decades my life has been dedicated to Taiji, Qigong, Shiatsu and meditation on a journey of exploration into the depths of my being.

My studies have taken me across four continents in pursuit of good teachers, and since 2008 I have taught Taiji in Stockholm and Oslo.

15 years ago my teachers introduced me to the world of Shiatsu and traditional Chinese medicine, which opened up a new and useful dimension to my studies of consciousness and energy.

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With great awareness and presence Helge guides you on an exciting journey into the body. A deeply relaxing and pleasant experience. Helge is a fantastic therapist I highly recommend.

Alexis, Stockholm

My earlier negative experiences of massage made me avoid all kinds of body massage for many years. After having met and gotten to know Helge I trusted my "gut feeling" and decided to give shiatsu a chance. I’ve received 5 treatments so far. When Helge does shiatsu the energy and presence can be felt in every cell of the body. It’s not only personalized, but carefully fitted to how I as an individual feel at this very moment. After the session Helge usually asks how I feel. I answer that there are no words, but that I feel "10kg lighter" in head, body and soul.

Senida Begovic, Stockholm

Helge you are by far one of the most amazing massage practitioners I have ever received from. That's said after many years in Asia receiving from not only some of Thailand's most renowned but also from many other massage practitioners from around the world! Thank you for your amazing gift and for all your years perfecting that gift.

Glenna Cawley, Ireland

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